How To Find a Lyme Doctor

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One of the biggest frustrations when seeking care for Lyme Disease, or suspected Lyme Disease, is finding a physician able and willing to care for someone whose disease is no longer in the acute, 0-30 days post-tickbite phase. While many doctors are simply not convinced that there are chronic forms of Lyme Disease,there are also many more who simply have no idea where to start when trying to diagnose or treat chronic forms of the disease.

Physicians who are members of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) are often much more educated in terms of both diagnosis and treatment. But because there can be professional repercussions for those who are compassionate enough to work with those who suffer from Lyme Disease (in spite of IDSA and CDC denials of chronic forms of the disease), it can be difficult to locate these physicians. There are some who have had their licenses to practice taken from them. So understandably, they often they do not publicize the fact that they will treat these patients. Here are a few sources through which you may be able to find physicians in your state who actually know something about Lyme, its treatment and diagnosis. We refer to these physicians and health care providers as “Lyme Literate” (LLMD). If you follow the links below, you will find that it is a multi-step process to get a physicians name and you will sometimes have to access your own state-based Lyme Disease Association or Society before getting a name. But this will definitely help you get connected.

This will get you started in your search:

This site has a variety of ways to get information on LLMDs:

The referral link for ILADS:

If you have found other resources helpful in finding a Lyme literate physician, please help our readers by listing them below in the comment section. Thanks!

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  1. I live in Ontario, Canada. My son is sick for 4 week now and is symptoms are a moving arthritis, painful, tired, has difficulties walking, head aches, distracted or problem focusing, had fever the first week, a flu 4 days after the “arthritis” started…he is being tested for different things and did do the Elisa test (in canada… this is it!!!) And came back negative. Went to hospital were they told me Elisa was “a joke” so we are waiting for igenex kit… and in the mean time, they are trying to see if it is not something else that is causing inflammation, arthritis like symptoms. .. medicine is a elimination process but in order to eliminate something the tests have to be accurate… this is basically what the emergency told me after hearing about the negative results from Elisa!
    My question is what about physician in canada, in ontario that knows, are educated and willing to treat adequately my son??
    This is a nightmare… as a parent and a patient i feel like i have to keep on top of everything… and it is hard… my son is taking doxycycline but half the dose recommended? And naproxen. There is no change but let me ask you: how can he respond to treatment if dose is too small?? If you think he has lyme desease prescribe the right amount for the right amount of time but do not half do it!!!
    Resistance to antibio… we are asking why there is resistance to antibio??? One huge reason right here!!!

    1. Hi Dominique, I’m glad to hear that you are working on getting I-Gen-X testing. That can be quite helpful. I will check on availibility of Lyme Literate Physicians in your area and email you directly when I have that. Keep up the good mothering and don’t give up till you get the help you need. Finding the cause for your son’s symptoms is the most important thing to do, because then you can work on removing the cause. Don’t give up!

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