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I’m a nurse, health educator, mom and more. I have had to learn a lot about living with Lyme disease as my physician father and nurse mother-in-law have both been challenged by this disease for over a decade. In this process of learning, research, experimentation and observation it has become clear that there is a lot of good information surrounding the areas of diagnosis, treatment, alternative care approaches, and dealing with the challenges of the disease that is not widely available or distributed.

It is my goal to do my part to make helpful and reliable information available to those who are at risk for contracting Lyme Disease, those who are newly diagnosed with Lyme Disease (especially the chronic infection), and those who provide their care – including family, friends, and health professionals.

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  1. A friend Kath M. referred me to your site..my husband has had Lyme for 14 years .we look forward to learning from you.

    1. Hi Jean,
      Thanks for stopping by! Check back often as I will posting new information. Feel free to subscribe by email (over there in the left column) to my posts if you want to avoid missing any! Please feel free to share the things that have been helpful to your husband here as well. We want this to be a place where help and encouragement is shared, and not only from me!

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